From CEO to Chainmaster
Debbie Tanimura was the CEO of Applied Business Integration Corporation (ABICO) for eighteen years.  She opened the company in Los Angeles and eventually moved the business to the Monterey Peninsula.  After retiring from the corporate world, she searched for a new career path that would enable her to express herself and build on her skill of working with her hands.

As a young girl growing up in Hawaii, she was influenced by Asian and Polynesian culture, which is reflected in many of the jewelry pieces she designs today. Over the years, she always had an ongoing craft project and learned to knit, needlepoint, macramé, and sew.  She also studied fashion design and textile history in college.

Her desire to create with metal developed when she decided to take an Introduction to Metalsmith class at Monterey Peninsula College.  The studio environment provided lessons in metalsmith techniques, which enabled her to learn the necessary basics to achieve unique pieces that are both a delight to look at and to wear.

Most of Debbie’s creations are achieved by blending traditional techniques with modern design to create an organic look in her jewelry pieces and small metal projects.
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